Why experdocs?

With experdocs, you can easily share one document or 10,000.
But what about organizing, reviewing, presenting, and collaborating?


The video provides examples of the file and document issues experdocs was designed to solve for the legal industry.

But why choose experdocs for your business or personal document needs?

With experdocs, you get a complete solution to expertly manage the information you work with every day.


File Review:

With experdocs, you get a solid review platform from which you can locate the document you need quickly, read, add notes, and prepare for presentations. Review from your laptop or tablet. If your device is back at the office, the experdocs web application is always available and accessed from any browser, even with your phone!

  • Read and review on the large (customizable) viewer
  • Review via the document thumbnail view to easily find what you need
  • Include notes and comments by project or document
  • Customize file order, create filter sets, and prepare for presentations

File Organization:

Your ability to organize, add intelligence, and recall information quickly, is virtually unlimited.

Computer users are faced with a growing need to store information on their computers and electronic devices. Using a File/Folder structure for organizing files has been the norm for many years, but is limited in its ability to organize information. By contrast, experdocs uses a relational database structure.

The experdocs software also has the ability to create templates, so once you have set up the organization structure you like, it can be saved and copied; saving time and keystrokes.

  • Set up unlimited tabs and tags to identify information for future recall
  • Accepts virtually all file types
  • Include notes and comments by project or documents
  • Organize files by date, people, places, events, document type, or any other identifier you chose to better recall the document you need
  • Customizable organization structure


Document Sort and Recall:

The purpose of storing files is to be able to recall the documents you need, when you need them.
With experdocs, information can be sorted by any of the key words, tabs, or tags used to organize the information.
You’ll find what you need quickly!

  • Search by key word or phase
  • Text search
  • Search by date
  • Search by tab or tag
  • Sort into groups for printing or presentation


Document Sharing:

Make document and file sharing simple and efficient with experdocs. Our tiered permissions let you decide who can access files and when.

You can share with anyone, even if they don’t have an experdocs account!

Additional Features:

  • Four ways to help share information:
  1. Share by clicking the menu File/Invite Someone to Access Your Account
  2. Share by creating a temporary online site for users without an experdocs account
  3. Documents can be shared online, via the Web Application
  4. Patent Pending “Project Linking”
  • Centralize information
  • Save money: no more fees for large file transfers
  • Create efficiencies by having one tool to access data


Team Collaboration:

Collaboration means more than team members merely having access to the same documents or images.

The experdocs Patent Pending “Project Linking” function allows every team member to both access and work with project documents; set up an organization structure for the documents that suits each user’s own preferences while not disturbing the structure of other users of the same data! Attach notes and comments to the documents for other team members, and create unique filters and sort criteria for each user. It sounds amazing and it is!

Give a whole new meaning to the concept of collaboration with experdocs!

  • Patent pending sharing technology
  • Tiered permission controls
  • Post comments and notes to any file
  • Create filter sets so other team members see what you want them to see
  • Team workflow management
  • Centralized file access
  • Save time and money


Presenting Documents:

Choose the specific files you want with experdocs filters. Once you have chosen the files, they can be shared or printed. Having the ability to organize files the way you want makes everything else possible.


Secure Storage:

The experdocs software encrypts files on the storage server and on your computer.

Now you don’t have to choose between secure storage options, recalling the file you need when you need it, and working with the information you need each day. Get a complete solution for your business and personal electronic file needs, including secure, encrypted, and safe storage with experdocs.


Do All This and More With One Customizable, Easy To Use, Software Tool.

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