What Makes experdocs Different?

Most document software products focus on  just one of three primary benefits:

1.   File sharing
2.   File storage
3.   File versioning / DMS / Document Management

experdocs is different because it is a working tool, not just file sharing, not just file storage, and not a full featured DMS program.

experdocs is designed to be used every day; a tool to review, organize, collaborate, and share electronic files with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Here are the features that set experdocs apart from other programs:

1.   The ability to organize and manage an ever growing volume of information
2.   A relational database platform
3.   Capacity to share and collaborate
4.   Project Linking*

First, experdocs was designed to organize millions of files, including documents, photographs, pdfs, audio and video filesThe ability to organize, from the prospective of computer software, is dependent on two primary design features:

  • The ability to add information or metadata to files. This means being able to attach, or connect, data like names, dates, people, places, and events (really an unlimited number of data points) with individual documents or files.
  • The ability to create an organization structure unique to the data being organized. experdocs employs tabs and tags and comment fields to identify file groupings. experdocs creates unlimited possibilities!

Second, the relational database allows a user to locate a file based on the metadata attached to the file and by tab/tag groupings defined by the user.  A relational database structure is a key design component for experdocs. The relational database changes the way files are stored and accessed. Throughout the history of information stored on paper, a file/folder structure has been used to store documents.  The file/folder method is no longer efficient, given the increasing volume of documents, file types, and information in general. The relational database employed by experdocs changes the paradigm and allows a virtually unlimited capacity to organize and access information.

Third, experdocs allows users to share with anyone, even those who don’t have an experdocs accountSharing with experdocs means not imposing limits on where or with whom information can be exchanged. experdocs is designed for users to share both inside and outside company firewalls. This versatility is typically not available with other systems. experdocs gives you an information portal to access both business and personal data…anywhere.

Fourth, experdocs takes collaboration to a whole new level. In addition to the “normal” sharing functions of experdocs, Project Linking* technology gives you the freedom to work on team projects throughout the office or across the globe.  Set up an organization structure for managing the data, but allow team members to also work with and structure the information in the way they choose without interfering with the structures of other team members. Project Linking means managing teams and workflow is now possible. 

*Patent pending.

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