Personal Account
3GB Space (limited to 3GB)
Unlimited Users
Access Multiple Accounts
Data Encrypted for Security
Customizable User Interface
Share with anyone, anywhere, anytime
Unlimited Organization and Search Capacity
Unlimited Metadata
Complete Review Platform
14 Day Free Trial Included
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Professional Account
15GB Scalable to User Needs**
Personal Account Features, Plus:
Increased Storage Space to 15GB
Scalable Storage Based on User Requirements
Only Pay for the Space You Need
Tiered Permissions for Each User
Unlimited Projects
Project Template/Copy Function
14 Day Free Trial Included
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Business Account
Includes Project Linking *
25GB Scalable to User Needs**
Professional Account Features, Plus:
Increased Storage Space to 25GB
Project Linking - Real Collaboration, Real Time
30 Day Free Trial Included
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* Project Linking:

Project Linking is what experdocs calls its Patent Pending collaboration feature. Project Linking gives collaboration to a whole new meaning. Using the Project Linking feature, multiple teams can access one account’s data, but create their own unique organization structure or method, and not interfere or change the structure of the originating account. View files, create separate organization, search and create comments related to the files you or your team is working on. This feature is particularly useful in litigation, construction projects, inter-department sharing, financial and audit activities.


** Scalable User Gigabyte Space:

Your experdocs account allows you to determine how much space you need, and then pay for only what you use. For example, if you happen to have a large project that requires more work space, just start using what you need and experdocs will bill you for the extra space at the end of the month. Once the project is complete, you don’t have to continue to pay for the extra space. Additional experdocs gigabyte space is billed monthly at the rates of $3.00/gb up to 25 gigabytes; and $2/gb for more than 25 gigabytes.


About experdocs Accounts and How They Work:

All experdocs accounts include a Host Account. A Host is the container from which files are accessed by Users.  Host Accounts may invite other Host or User Accounts to access, share and collaborate on Host Account projects and files. Users invited to share a Host’s projects may be given full administrative permissions or just the ability to view documents, all based on the tiered permission settings available with, and controlled by, the host account. Depending on your document needs and process, only one Host Account may be needed, but an unlimited number of User Accounts can access information. Host and User accounts (unlimited) can be added at any time, and are completely scalable based on your needs. Like host accounts, additional server space can be purchased any time.
Additionally, User Accounts access projects and files contained in Host Accounts. User Accounts do not have server space of their own, but are invited to view files and work within Host Accounts.  User Accounts share server space with a Host Account based on an invitation from a Host Account. User Accounts enjoy full functionality of experdocs software, including all features, upgrades and support, but access is controlled by the Host Account through the custom settings created by the Host Account holder. A User Account may access any number of Host Accounts; example: a consultant could be invited to access Host Accounts from various companies or individuals.