Why Are Law Firms Using experdocs?

Why are law firms using experdocs litigation support software for legal document management?

• Developed by litigation experts and legal professionals
experdocs is one of only a few software programs designed and operated by litigation experts and legal professionals who understand the challenges and costs related to document review and remote collaboration as it pertains to today’s complex litigation.

• One platform for everything
experdocs offers one platform for file storage, document organization, file transportation, remote collaboration, PDF reporting and user presentation. Traditionally each one of these six document functions required a separate, costlier computer program in order to be facilitated safely and effectively, none of which worked well with one another. With experdocs users can use just one program to do everything except create their documents.

• Both local and web-based access to data
experdocs offers unique online and offline access to data, allowing users to work from wherever, versus restricting users to access data from only one location or one computer, or only where internet is present. When no internet connection is available, users have the option to download and save data locally on the experdocs client installed on their computer. Users can review, search, tag, and more, all offline and then simply “synchronize” to share and update their local data through experdocs servers when internet connection becomes available. If internet connection is present, along with the client, users can also use the experdocs Web Application and access their data from any browser by logging onto www.login.experdocs.com.

• No setup or maintenance
experdocs is a managed hosted solution for electronically stored information (ESI). This means users always have an advanced system at their fingertips and never have to worry about updates or maintenance. This reduces costs considerably since businesses don’t need to invest in expensive servers, IT personnel or software licenses.

• No minimum term contracts or cancellation policies
experdocs offers flexible buying options and is confident enough in its program to allow month to month pricing. No long term contracts or cancellation policies means users can cancel and sign up whenever they want whether it is long term or on a per project basis.

• One-click scalability
As organizations and support staffs grow, so will their data. experdocs provides unlimited scalability that makes adding additional users or data space as easy as a click of a mouse. There are no “growing pains” or down periods during account scaling.

• Lower costs at greater efficiency
experdocs offers affordable monthly pricing and omits the requirement to buy servers, security packages, complex networking infrastructure as well as the physical space and technical personnel required to administer and maintain it all. The cost of paper typically is reduced on average by at least 25% within first few months of using experdocs. Less printers, less ink, less toners, less paper, less electricity, less file cabinets, less filing supplies, less labor, less mail couriers, less ftp sites – all add up to big cost savings in the long run.

• Automatic data backups
experdocs deploys comprehensive data backups for all information stored in experdocs servers. Recovery is never a concern if a disaster strikes at the local level. All data is continuously backed up automatically so customers can rest assured they’ll never lose a thing.

• Advanced file tagging
In experdocs users can create an unlimited number of tags, fields and comments which can be shared or kept private from other users. Tags can be used to build and illustrate relational structures between files and user-contributed intelligence which can then be collectively deployed to sort and execute complex, multi-parameter document searches.

• Custom PDF reporting and printing options
experdocs offers custom PDF reporting options where users can configure page formatting and data integrations for each file or document collection. Documents are easily exportable for local printing.

• User permission controls and audit log
experdocs offers customizable permissions or “rule-based” functionality which allows account holders full control and review over what users can see and do on a per project basis or per document basis. This means users can give others the ability to either just view OR work on files, selecting exactly what files and data they can see and not see. Users can also verify account activity by checking account profile logs through the administrative panel. This displays user log-in information and activity records.

• Powerful search features
experdocs offers state of the art search technology that enables users to conduct fast, precise file searches using metadata indexes for searching tags, comments and fields, as well as OCR and full-text search functionality.

• Regular software updates
Users don’t need to worry about remembering to schedule, download and install software updates or security patches. All updates are included in the low monthly fee and provided automatically in the background so as to not interrupt regular use of the program for any users.

• Encrypted file transmission and long term storage
experdocs integrates comprehensive security procedures to protect user data from both technical and non-technical hazards such as hardware crashes, natural disasters, or theft. Data is encrypted on experdocs servers during file transmission and document storage. No one has ever hacked into the experdocs system however no system is 100% guaranteed safe. experdocs strives to exceed industry standards when it comes to data security.

• Simplified pricing and annual billing options

• Free support and training
experdocs offers free support to all users. A broad range of training materials is available online from the experdocs website including the product manual, tutorial videos, informational articles, program screenshots and more. Upon request, new customers are eligible for free assistance with setting up their first project in experdocs, whereby an experdocs expert will help with everything from naming the user’s first project to generating a final report or presentation (and of course everything in between).

• Inexpensive – experdocs gives you unlimited free users with every account


How experdocs can help your Photography or Image-Based Business:

Capturing an image through the lens of a camera is a specialized and unique art. Whether captured with a DSLR, a compact digital camera, or your camera phone, each image depicts a unique moment in time that has the potential to be cherished for a lifetime. As important as capturing the image can be, storing and retrieving these images can be just as important.

Whether you are a professional wedding photographer, still life photographer, landscape photographer, photojournalist or simply a dedicated hobbyist you are sure to understand the importance of protecting each unique image.


As you well know there are many basic options available in the world of document storage. And while many of them have the general capacity to store your images and allow to retrieve them from a cloud based system (or), none of them can offer you the options available with experdocs. Options that you might not even know exist for your industry.


This is what makes experdocs absolutely the best software available for photographer!


The experdocs software was designed for professionals as a means to store, categorize, organize, collaborate and share documents anytime and anywhere.

• Store your images: Store hundreds of thousands of images (in any file form) securely utilizing the latest encryption technology.
• Categorize your images: Dates, locations, names, etc. Unlimited options!
• Organize your images: Review and tag. Stop spending hours searching, the photograph you need will be at your fingertips.
• Collaborate with other professionals: Save time and money on editing projects with “Project Linking” in real time.
• Share your work via email: Add your clients to your “user base” and share photos with clients from each individual session using tiered permission controls.
• Share your professional portfolio with clients and/or potential employers: Access your professional portfolio from your PC laptop or tablet.

Choosing the perfect document storage software is not only very important for protecting your images, it has the potential to make or break your business.

To learn more about experdocs, Contact our team today!

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Email: support@experdocs.com

Litigation, Document Review and experdocs vs. Other Software

Document review in litigation is about gathering information, sorting through 1000’s of documents to identify issues, and creating an organization structure so specific documents can be recalled quickly when needed. This is a time intensive process.

If you are still sorting through paper files, you are overlooking key documents and you need help.

If you are using software, you are now able to store and retrieve files. But this only solves part of the problem. It is likely that you are still not able to create an organization structure for the files, easily collaborate with staff and consultants, manage workflow, and efficiently work with your files when out of the office.

Generally, there are three types of software products available for litigation and managing case files: DMS (document management systems), Case Management, and file sharing programs:

1. Document Management Systems: While this type of program can assist with archiving and file versioning, it is not efficient for sharing and collaborating with consultants at multiple locations. With DMS it is impossible to manage workflow in real time for work groups.

2. Case Management: Files are not easily shared outside the office from which the software is hosted. File organization is limited by the file / folder structure of most programs. Because file organization and collaboration features are lacking, the user must look for multiple products to satisfy the needs of the litigation team.

3. File Sharing (e.g. Dropbox): Good for sharing a few documents. However, case files can number in the 10’s or 100’s of 1000’s of pages, and simple file sharing programs are not equipped to handle such numbers. Additionally, sharing programs are not designed for file review (reading and making notes for reference). Sharing programs are the closest solution available for team collaboration, but again, are inefficient because once the user receives over 10 to 20 files, they become difficult to work with and organize without printing, which was the reason for choosing an electronic method to manage the files to begin with.

Alternatively, experdocs provides the complete solution for working with case files. A platform from which to review, organize, share, collaborate and present case documents. You are able to access and share files anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. By using just one program throughout the litigation process, efficiencies are created, time is saved and errors are reduced.
Try experdocs for your next case. We are here to help you.

Litigation, Document Review and experdocs

Document review (litigation) is about gathering information, sorting through 1000’s of documents to identify issues, and creating an organization structure so the documents can easily be recalled when needed. The review process is time intensive. The more documents in the mix, the greater probability there is to misplace or overlook key documents.

An article in the ABA’s Business Law Today, from November 2008 states, “Accounting firm KPMG estimates that first level document review encompasses anywhere between 58 and 90 percent of total litigation costs, a large amount by any standards.” The article also points out that “…the error rate of document review can be 50 percent or higher…” Obviously whatever the actual numbers are, help is needed to streamline the review process.

So what do you need to improve the review process?
1. The ability to organize and manage 1000’s of case documents, including photos
2. The ability to share and collaborate with staff, consultants, experts, and even opposing parties
3. To have tiered permission controls, allowing you to determine who has access to the information you wish to share
4. Maintain a high level of security; all files should be encrypted
5. To have a platform from which to read, make notes, and recall information when needed
6. The ability to find a file quickly; text search and multiple tags from which to locate one file or a group of files
7. The ability to present documents from the same platform database
8. The ability to have documents available anywhere, even on a tablet or smartphone

Software solutions for litigation fall into 3 general categories:
 File sharing (Dropbox, Box, etc.)
 DMS (document management systems)
 Case management / eDiscovery (Case Map, Relativity, etc.)

While each of these categories offer some excellent features, none offer the complete solution provided by experdocs. experdocs was designed by litigation consultants who needed a way to manage a variety of file types, including audio, video and photographs. A software system that could be used even after the review process, in deposition or mediation, to recall issues and supporting details when requested.

Using experdocs makes your process more efficient, saving time and significantly reducing the probability of errors.

The Future of Collaboration

Collaboration. A basic idea, but one that it is extremely important. An idea practiced in every field imaginable all the time. According to Oxford dictionaries, collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” It is a necessary continual process, and when done properly (with the correct tools) inspires people and companies to create and define new generations of products and services.

Some tools used in collaborative efforts such as the telephone and email have had incredible advancements. However, the only advancement in regards to file management has to do with moving documents more quickly from one place to the other. Even with this advancement the system is antiquated at best, still costing professionals and companies serious time and money.

While software tools used to “share” have made the transfer of documents easier, it has not led to a more efficient collaboration process. Three months ago, The Recorder, (an ALM publication) released its eighth annual “Best of 2015” pamphlet listing of legal products and services. On page 7, it listed Dropbox as the top product under the “Best collaboration software”. This is interesting because although Dropbox is great at transferring documents, collaboration goes far beyond making the file available; which is in essence all you can accomplish with the program. The only reason why Dropbox might be listed in this category is that there are no viable or known alternatives for users.

Collaboration is important in EVERY field, but let’s continue with legal as our example of a field in need of a more efficient document management/collaborative based systems. Highlighted in an article in ABA’s “Business Law Today”, from November 2008, and quoting from KPMG analysis states, “Accounting firm KPMG estimates that first level document review encompasses anywhere between 58 and 90 percent of total litigation costs, a large amount by any standards. The article also points out that, “…the error rate of document review can be 50 percent or higher.”. Obviously whatever the actual error rates are, help is needed to streamline the review process including document organization, collaboration, sharing and storing.

The legal industry is not unique in having a lack of collaborative tool alternatives. Business in general is demanding greater access to its hundreds of thousands of files by their accounting, sales and even legal departments. Which means a better more efficient method is now required-and we are excited to announce-AVAILABLE.

The experdocs software is an easy to use tool designed to organize and share documents, allowing for fast retrieval and presentation. Both PC and cloud based, features include the capacity to organize, store, share, and present electronic files with anyone at any time and from any location – whether or not you are connected to the internet.

Not only is this the best and most efficient tool for document management to date; but also uses a potentially market-changing application called Project Linking; which is a way to share meta-data contained in documents. This goes beyond sharing – it permits multiple users to collaborate on the same files as the original user, organizing and adding intelligence while not affecting the structure set by the original user. A virtually unlimited number of users can now access and work on the same documents, building their own working project, with the organization and structure most beneficial to them.

experdocs is the future of collaboration. To find out more go to experdocs.com.



Program Update

Attention experdocs Users:

Please note that experdocs will release a program update this Saturday, August 22, 2015. The nature of this update will require each User to sync their accounts with the server by the end of the day Friday, August 21st. If you do not sync before the update some data loss may occur.

In order to sync, from within the program, go to the ‘FILE’ tab on the top menu. Choose ‘SYNCHRONIZE DATA WITH SERVER’ from the dropdown menu. Be sure to sync each account you have. Once complete, close the program and you are ready for the update.

The next time you log in to your account, on Sunday or Monday, experdocs will download the program update automatically.

Contact us if you have any questions and thank you for using experdocs.