Complete Document and Image Management

Cloud & Web Based Document Management

Welcome to Experdocs

Experdocs offers the most easy to use document and image organization software. The platform was created for experts, attorneys and other professionals whose core business operations require scalable and flexible document management systems. These organizations can take advantage of enormous benefits by implementing paperless electronic document and image databases. Experdocs provides not only a PC and web-based document repository, but also a rich list of features that deliver more efficient control, organization, review, collaboration and presentation of portable document format (PDF) and image files.

Built for Litigation

Litigation consultants and legal professionals designed Experdocs closely with developers for the fundamental objectives of increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, mitigating risks and fostering greater productivity, all while providing a robust level of administrative control and security for users. This includes centralized permission-based access to digital file storage, detailed audit logs, password protected entry portals, local and hosted data encryption, secure socket layer shield, highly protected server storage, plus more. Stop loosing and misplacing files, quit spending money on duplicative printing, postage and file transportation, get rid of those risky and unattractive file cabinets in your office and never carry another bulky box or binder again.

Work from Anywhere

By leveraging the power of the internet and your PC, Experdocs allows users to safely work and collaborate with remote colleagues and support teams from anywhere, in real-time. All you need is a fast and reliable internet connection to securely access or update your documents and photographs remotely. Locally stored data on your PC can instantly be synced with your hosted data to ensure you always have the most recent editions of your files in front of you, even when you’re working offline. This means you won’t need to worry about carrying documents around with you or even storing them at your office.